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Plaza Walk • 2500 Tamiami Trail N.

Unit 221 • Naples, FL. 34103

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A Spirit Filled, Life Giving, Family, Multicultural Church In Naples, Florida With A Heart For The Harvest That Is Ready For God’s Relentless Love, Grace & Forgiveness.


Our Goal Is To Win The Lost And Disciple Individuals, Families, Teens And Children In The Knowledge Of Who They Are In Jesus Christ.

Our Beliefs


Relentless Church is a            Church of God Congregation, in full agreement with its teachings.

• We believe in the Bible as God only inspired. (2 Timothy 3:16-17).

• We believe in one God, eternally existing in three persons: (1 John 5:7).

• We believe in the deity of the Lord Jesus Christ (John 1:1)

• We believe in the finality of Christ as the mediator between God and Man. (1 Timothy 2:5; Hebrews 7:25).

• We believe in the new birth as the only means of receiving eternal life. (John 3:3-7).

• We believe in divine healing for the total man, spirit, mind and body. (Isaiah 53:5).

• We believe in the baptism in the Holy Spirit as an enduement of power for all believers (Acts 2:4)

• We believe in the process of spiritual development (sanctification) in a believer’s life by the Holy Spirit. (Romans 6:1-23).

• We believe in the resurrection from the dead. First, the righteous unto eternal life and second,

• the ungodly unto eternal damnation (Daniel 12:2)

• We believe in the sacraments of the church established by Jesus Christ our Lord; the Lords Supper (Matthew 26:26-30)

Meet Our Pastors


Myron & Terilyn Smith Have A Heart For The Harvest In Our Community And Throughout The World. Serving Our Community For Over 14 Years As Pastor’s They Realize The Need For The Lost And Hurting To Come In To Right Relationship With Jesus Christ. Our Vision Is To See A Church That Goes Outside The Walls And Gathers The Harvest To Bring A Hope And A Future To Those Who Are Lost.

Phone: 239-319-5356 • Email: relentless.church.naples@gmail.com

Address: Plaza Walk • 2500 Tamiami Trail N. • Unit 221 • Naples, FL. 34103

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